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1. Course Level

To be able to enrol on the course you need to have an Entry 3 or higher Literacy and Numeracy qualification. Please ask your key worker to contact Friends Centre for more information on how to fill in these Literacy/Numeracy checks.

2. What the course will cover?

The course covers 6 different subjects over a six week period, with a induction week at the start. You will have a chance to plan your timetable to suit yourself.

  • Interpersonal skills- refers to assertiveness, anger management, effective communication and self-esteem
  • Looking after yourself- practical help with improving and understanding your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Looking after your home- practical sessions and information on finding a home, keeping a home and making the most of your home environment.
  • Creative expression- a chance to explore your creative side using painting and creative writing.
  • Cookery- Weekly we cook a group meal with the emphasis on healthy eating on a budget. Group members create their own recipes and learn to use basic ingredients to make interesting simple and tasty meals.
  • Basic computing- covers basic computer skills such as word processing and creating different types of documents. We also get familiar with using the Internet and creating an e-mail account.

3. Teaching and Learning Methods used on the course

Practical demonstration; pair work; group discussions; handouts; work sheets; recipe sheets; field trips; flip charts, written exercises, practical exercises and one to one support.

4. The course Learning Outcomes are to:

-Understand the importance of healthy life style and give you plenty of knowledge about healthy eating, physical wellbeing and positive mental health.

-Gain basic computer skills and open an e-mail account.

-Get plenty of information on finding a home, and ways of keeping it and making the most of it.

-Be able to express yourself in a creative way, producing a painting or a poem, which can be incorporated in our future exhibitions.

-Learn how to cook and produce healthy/tasty meals on a budget.

-Learn how to communicate effectively, and gain a better self-esteem.

5.Materials needed on the course

All materials are provided by the Life Skills programme. You will get a portfolio to put in all your extra paper work. This portfolio is yours to take home at the end of the course.

8.What can you do after you leave the course?

We work with you to make sure that there is a plan put in place for your next steps for after you finish the course. This plan will focus on further education, voluntary work, paid work, work experience, getting a flat and any other future plans that you may have.

9.How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying for a place, ask your key worker or support worker to refer you or contact us directly on 01273 293137.

For more information look at our website