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Tom Jayston

"Before I came onto the Life Skills course, I was unable to look after myself. All I knew and cared about was how to obtain money and drugs and how to ensure I had a regular supply to be able to cope with life. Not to be able to live life, but merely how to cope with life.

I did not actually have a life, more an existence, dictated by the whims of drugs dealers and supermarket opening times for shoplifting purposes and the days my giro arrived.

This was bad enough, but coupled with depression, low self-esteem and suicidal tendencies I knew something had to change. This is where the Life Skills come in. I spent six weeks learning to cook, to look after myself, to have respect for myself, to learn how to manage time and money, to become a regular member of the society.

I also learned how to communicate with other people on a day-to-day basis, something I had not done before, wrapped up as I was in my singular attempts to alienate myself from society through drug abuse.

Coming on the Life Skills course was the beginning of a journey from pain, suffering and self-hatred to recovery, happiness and love for and the living of life. I owe the Life Skills course an awful lot."